Design Approach

Marc Perry Architect Inc, Design ApproachWe view design as the discovery and synthesis of information. All facets of the project are identified and integrated as soon as possible, from client requirements to land forms to the state and local laws. The best design responds to all of these components as contributors to the design rather than problems that must be overcome.

A successful project is the result of teamwork, and we strive to bring all members of the project team into the process at the earliest stages. Each project’s team consists of the client, architect, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and agencies. These team members are each experts in their respective field. We provide overall design direction and effective communication throughout the project.

Our clients appreciate the value that we provide by being efficient in our work effort while presenting creative design solutions. Current technologies and a strong system of quality control help us to provide the best possible service. Building Information Technology (BIM) software allows the client to view a 3D computer model of the project, which helps to ensure that they are satisfied with the finished product. In conjunction with our strong quality control process, the software ensures good drawing coordination. Our firm’s drawings are noted for being clear and concise.

We provide high quality architectural services, always realizing that we are assisting our clients to realize their dreams.